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Aman track Pro Features

Our platform has so many features which are easy to use both on the app, from computer browser and sms

Below are some of the most requested features

Terms of Payments

We strive to provide our customer the best in the market and as such we fixed our car track with a yearly base renewal of platform at only Kshs 6000, This allows us provide you the quality of service that involves even changing the entire car track if need be at no cost.

Payment is made only through Safaricom Lipa Na M-pesa with below accounts details:
Pay bill Number: 784560
Account Name: `your car plate Number`

optionally, you can forward your mpesa confirmation message through 0725220520 for quicker assistance and that will be all

Terms of Usage

Once the account is created, it is completely clients’ responsibility to monitor their vehicles themselves, the service period is one from the date of first installation after which the tracker will go overdue state mode, ones it goes to overdue state mode we will not be able to help you to monitor your car unless you pay Ksh6000 renewal fee to enable us to pay our international partners who are hosting the server in Canada/ satellite from USA and tracking software from UK plus many others fees as mentioned above


Once we transfer the account from the seller to the buyer of the vehicle, we totally disconnect the seller from the monitoring or any other detail attached to the vehicle. We as Aman cars NEVER monitor the vehicle, we leave that responsibility to the car owner, unless they inform us of any incident regarding the tracker failure.

We as Amancars do not use or share the customer details captured during the process of creating account. The details remain as is as long as the account is active



How our high tech tracking devices works..
This technology is a combination of Internet technology, GPS and terrestrial networks such as GSM/GPRS.The device fitted in the vehicle has a built in GPS receiver determines the vehicle location, speed alarm & overspeed restriction, direction, fuel changing and consumption monitoring, engine stop and resume,Geo fence, 2-way communication optional, camera optional, power off alarm, battery low alarm. The device sends the data via GSM/GPRS wireless network to the Vehicle Tracking web Application. If there is no network coverage, the data is stored locally and sends when the network is established.The GPS data sent by the device is stored in a secured database of Vehicle Tracking application for a limited time.

Tracking Terms and conditions

Customer Support

You can reach our support team through the following

  1. 0725220520
  2. 0725220922
  3. 0770808080
  4. 0770404040
  5. 0745303030
  6. 0745505050

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